Tres Johnson – flannel & blossoms

when asked to do this show, i was thinking about the space. the music they have playing is usually 90s grunge rock. so i wanted to create pieces that fit that vibe, while maintaining a connection to the rest of the work i have been putting out. somewhere in the middle of making canvas look like old jeans or a broken in flannel shirt, i started messing about with making my signature drip and turning it into sort of a sumei style branch. next i made 3 cherry blossom stencils, and started hitting the ends of the drips with them. i love the way they turned out. with these pieces i feel that they have really found a home on my gerhard richter inspired smears.

i would love it if you could come check them out. they will be available to buy, but you will have to let it hang for the month. there are also great beer choices, and awesome burgers. so you can eat, drink, and check out art!

Omaha Tap House

1403 Farnam St, Omaha, Nebraska 68012

7-11 PM

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