RAW:Omaha SPECTRUM & Spring Fling Art Show

RAW Omaha Spectrum
RAW Spectrum opens tomorrow, 4/11 @ Sokol Auditorium, 7-11 pm.
If you haven’t experienced a RAW event, don’t miss it!! RAW joins artists across all disciplines together around the world to connect, showcase their work, and engage with the community.
Film, musical performances, fashion shows, and unique works for sale all in one place!

Facebook event here.  Visit the RAW Artists website here to learn more!


Spring Fling 340 Print

Owner Jennie Karros is opening up her business, 340 Print in Council Bluffs, for artists to showcase their work. This is a great opportunity give back to the CB community and find some incredible artwork.  Stop by Dixie Quicks/RNG Gallery for a great meal and to see the current show.  Drips is right around the corner for an amazing cup of coffee and conversation.

Project Artcast: Episode 2 – Tres Johnson

Project Artcast: Episode 2 – Tres Johnson

The second episode of Project Artcast. A show about Art n’ Stuff.

Starring, Tres Johnson, Janet Mills, Brandon Engel, Michael Shukis, and Michael Pysh.

This episode we sit down with Tres Johnson, Artist and DJ, we talk about his street art style, inspiration, music, DJing, and more.


Project Artcast

Podcast Feed



Find Tres Johnson Here:

Website: http://lowercasetres.com
Sounds: http://www.lowercasesounds.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lowercasetres
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lowercasetres


And now without further ado, episode 2: