Call for Art – PROJECT: 101’S dog & pony [SHOW]

Call For Art!

PROJECT: 101’S  dog & pony [SHOW]

grab your tools of mass creation ! Project 101 needs artists for this next theme

Show will be in November date TBA

THEME ~ dog and pony show ->

YOUR JOB ~ interpret as you are inclined to interpret, Create in any way you choose

SPACE ~ 3 pieces or 3×5 space for $25

sign up forms required –> get yours from


PROJECT : agrarian [DECAY]

Local artists interpreted the agrarian [DECAY] theme in their own unique way. You’re invited to experience for yourself the the many facets of the Project [101] art scene. As well as meet the minds behind the images.

August 10th, 6-9PM at Howlin’ Hounds Coffee.

Gerado Vasquez
Shawn Rathman-Stuhr
Paulissa Kipp
Brenda Turner
Amber Bambler Keller
Heather Peebles
Christina Arellano
Teri Martens
Stacey Shukis
Michael Pysh
Michael Shukis
Corey Lundquist
Robert Puhl
Janet Mills
Brandon Engel
Randi Hunter

Enter to Win a Group Signed Bottle of Agrarian Decay Wine and vote for your favorite piece in the show as well!

Winning artists gets 1/2 the proceeds, you get a One of a kind bottle of Wine.



Project Artcast: Episode 2 – Tres Johnson

Project Artcast: Episode 2 – Tres Johnson

The second episode of Project Artcast. A show about Art n’ Stuff.

Starring, Tres Johnson, Janet Mills, Brandon Engel, Michael Shukis, and Michael Pysh.

This episode we sit down with Tres Johnson, Artist and DJ, we talk about his street art style, inspiration, music, DJing, and more.


Project Artcast

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Find Tres Johnson Here:



And now without further ado, episode 2:

Artist Notification PROJECT: Born [AGAIN]

1st~ Pick your theme from any past themes of make a Born Again themed piece and start creating !

2nd ~ Sign up… email me ( Janet Mills ) @ for your official project 101 sign up form.. includes detailed information about how this works

3rd~ pay $25 for 2 pieces or a 3’x5′ max area… this covers all marketing and expenses relating to show.

new ?
Check out the photo albums on the fan page to see what has been done to give you an examples of what the heck this is all about.

Don’t be afraid to join ~ all skill levels welcome! and if need be invite your friends or family to join in as well.. buddy system is totally valid form of bravery 🙂

 Event Page:

Project [101] Page:

When: April 13, 2013

Where: Howlin’ Hounds Coffee at 712 South 16th Street, Omaha, Nebraska 68106