RAW:Omaha SPECTRUM & Spring Fling Art Show

RAW Omaha Spectrum
RAW Spectrum opens tomorrow, 4/11 @ Sokol Auditorium, 7-11 pm.
If you haven’t experienced a RAW event, don’t miss it!! RAW joins artists across all disciplines together around the world to connect, showcase their work, and engage with the community.
Film, musical performances, fashion shows, and unique works for sale all in one place!

Facebook event here.  Visit the RAW Artists website here to learn more!


Spring Fling 340 Print

Owner Jennie Karros is opening up her business, 340 Print in Council Bluffs, for artists to showcase their work. This is a great opportunity give back to the CB community and find some incredible artwork.  Stop by Dixie Quicks/RNG Gallery for a great meal and to see the current show.  Drips is right around the corner for an amazing cup of coffee and conversation.

Alternative Perception: Abstract Photography Show.


Come join us for Alternative Perception: an abstract photography show at Hot Shops, April 6th from 12-8pm.

Admission is FREE!

Chelsea Hanna Nielsen
Scott Tomar Alan
Evan Baumhofer
Brandon Engel
Kathleen Song
Mike Machian
Michael Pysh
David Nesbit
Shana Trott
Bill Garbez
Steve Gray
Janet Mills
and more…
Also body painting by Lcb Artistry.

Far Gone and Out: recent works by Tres Johnson

tres johnson:

Mostly self taught artist. I say mostly, because along the way, I have been fortunate enough to catch some classes at major universities across the United States. A lot of my self taught education with art, came from being able to sit for hours at the St. Louis art museum. I moved around the country a lot, and doing so I was able to soak in different cultures of different people, than what was common to me. Along the way I was developing two unique styles. On one hand i was in the studio, smearing oils on canvas, and scraping it all off. On the other hand I was looking at graffiti, and the early forms of street art, as letters were turning into characters. Anytime I painted “in the wild”, it was usually something political or punk rock related. Around 1996 I lived in Telluride, Colorado, where I, along with an artist friend would go into the mountains, and create metal/wood/bone sculptures. Since 1989 I have been in a few group shows in St. Louis, Scottsdale, and Omaha. It was when I moved to Omaha that the street combined with the studio art, to get me to the point I am at right now.

far gone and out:

The title is the name of a Jesus and Mary Chain song. If you don’t know the song take a moment to look it up.

As i started painting the pieces for this show, I was starting to feel nostalgic. I started listening to the music I was listening to in the late 80′s early 90′s. It was taking me back musically to some of the places I had been, and all the influences I have had along the way. A few of my major influences from music, literature, and art, have found their way into my work too. Somewhere in working on these pieces I realized that the way I was working the paint, was making my work look like it was on the side of a rusted train, or on a buffed/rebuffed wall. Something that a friend mentioned to me, at the last group show I was in, was to tell a story. That was at the forefront of my mind the whole time, while doing all this. One day as i was starting a piece it came to me. The story is of spots/trains where graffiti writers, hobo’s, artists all collaborate or battle. Someone comes along and buffs the spot, making it fresh for a new tag. The end result is a piece that is full of life and stories. While doing all of this, I have been developing my own “tag”, and “throw-ups”. I also have been working on pattern stencils, that capture my vibe. If I painted “illegally” in the streets, they are more than likely what i would be doing.

So with this show, as i finish painting the pieces, and thinking about how it should look when all set up. I am hoping for your help as well. I see this as part installation art piece too. The space will hopefully look to you like a subway tunnel in the late 80′s in New York. The music for the night will be a playlist of the music that I listened to creating the show(Cure, JAMC, The The, Bauhaus, and a few others). I would like to ask that you dress in 80′s goth style clothing to also fit the vibe.