Dear Listeners and Guests,

       I’d like to take a moment to apologize for my neglect of Project Artcast. It was never my intention to let this lapse so badly. I especially want to apologize to our past guests who’ve still not got their episodes out, we’ll be playing catch up over the next couple months with them.

       With this letter I’d like to state my intent and promise a new audio podcast the last Thursday of every month. The episodes will start to vary greatly as we play catch-up with our old pre-recorded episodes. I want to really dive into what makes art and artists tick.

Stay tuned.


Brandon Engel

Call for Art: Project 101 Hero’s and Villans


This is the Official kick off of the next project 101 theme show! Open to all artists of all skill levels , become part of the 101 collective! it’s super easy, only commit to the themes you want to commit to!

then >

grab your tools of mass creation !

THEME ~ heroes and villians

YOUR JOB ~ Interpret the DESIGNATED THEME in your preferred medium, or use this as an excuse to broaden your skill set.

SPACE ~ 3 pieces or 3×5 space for $25
add $5 per piece or for additional space
sign up forms required –> get yours from

>> studio101omaha@gmail.com << SIGN UP BY APRIL 19TH !! >> Show date May 17th

Artist Profile: Tres Johnson


Tres Johnson:
Mostly self taught artist. I say mostly, because along the way, I have been fortunate enough to catch some classes at major universities across the United States. A lot of my self taught education with art, came from being able to sit for hours at the St. Louis art museum. I moved around the country a lot, and doing so I was able to soak in different cultures of different people, than what was common to me. Along the way I was developing two unique styles. On one hand I was in the studio, smearing oils on canvas, and scraping it all off. On the other hand I was looking at graffiti, and the early forms of street art, as letters were turning into characters. Anytime I painted “in the wild”, it was usually something political or punk rock related. Around 1996 I lived in Telluride, Colorado, where I, along with an artist friend would go into the mountains, and create metal/wood/bone sculptures. Since 1989 I have been in a few group shows in St. Louis, Scottsdale, and Omaha. It was when I moved to Omaha that the street combined with the studio art, to get me to the point I am at right now.

From the show “far gone and out”
at Howlin’ Hounds Coffee
Website: http://lowercasetres.com/
Sounds: http://www.lowercasesounds.com/
And you can catch our interview with Tres Johnson in Episode 2 of Project Artcast. http://projectartcast.com/episode2/

Project Artcast is…

In-depth questions about what makes the artist tick, why they think they should tick, and does anyone care if they tick. mixed with a smattering of foul language, crassness and knowing us, some controversy and excessive doses of wryness . potentially some hero worship pandering and drooling depending on the guest / host dynamic.